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We provide regular or one-time cleaning and repair services to pool owners, to keep your pools and spas crystal clear. We specialize in residential and commercial pool cleaning service, maintenance and repair. Call us now to get your first month FREE!

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Keep Your Pool Clean, Safe, and Ready to Use

Premier Pool Service wants to be your pool service partner for life. We handle everything pertaining to the upkeep and maintenance of your swimming pool. From cleaning to repairs to equipment maintenance & upgrades, we’ve got you covered!

The Best Pool and Spa Service in the Coachella Valley

Our Services

Premier Pool & Spa offers a variety of services related to the upkeep and repair of pools and spas, regardless of size. We employ a team of expert pool cleaners and technicians with years of experience servicing clients in Coachella Valley and beyond.

Pool Inspections

It’s recommended that if you’re buying a new home that comes with a swimming pool that you have a full inspection done by a quality pool professional rathan than relying on the home inspector.


Whether you are looking to repair a piece of faulty pool equipment or seeking a professional that can upgrade your existing pool equipment, you can rely on Premier Pool Service.


During peak usage periods many homeowners opt for weekly pool service to ensure proper distribution of cleaning chemicals and an optimum swimming environment for guests and family.


We handle many different problems pertaining to swimming pools. Whether it be heater and pump repairs, tile repair, or leak repairs – we can provide you with prompt and professional service.


After a big storm your pool can quickly fill with debris and leaves. This requires a thorough cleanup and we’re here to provide you with expert assistance. Got a GREEN pool? Call the experts!


Do you maintain your pool chemistry yourself but need help with opening your pool for the season and closing it for the winter? No problem, Premier Pool Service can definitely help you with that.

  • We've Got Over 30 Years in the Business! We know Pools & Spas!

Proudly Serving Coachella Valley & Beyond!

Residential & Commercial Pool Service

We offer pool service packages that cater to residential & commercial pool owners. We keep pools crystal clear, clean, and always summer ready.

Repairs & Upgrades

We’ve got you covered. Everything from cracks & damage to filters and heaters Coachella Valley trusts us for Pool Upgrades & Repair.


Purchasing a new property? Get a complete inspection done by a quality pool professional rather than relying on the home inspector.

How to Book a Service Request

Schedule your weekly pool cleaning service now! Our cleaning package is designed to cover all your needs. 

Find out more about our full service package which includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing, chemical service and more. 

We always leave helpful notes behind each week letting you know what services were performed to your pool, the date and time of visit, the status of the water chemistry, and the technician who maintained your pool during the visit.

Get Your First Month FREE!

  • Zero Spam Policy

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Get Your First Month FREE!

  • Zero Spam Policy

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